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It's not how good you are,
it's how good you want to be"

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Individual coaching programs to help you confidently navigate your career path by strengthening your skillset, build your self-confidence, and enhance your performance to reach your professional goals, 

Our approach will help you:

  • gain clarity over your professional life

  • establish clear short- and long-term goals

  • support you to overcome barriers and challenges

  • provide you with the tools you need to identify your strengths and values

  • partner with you to establish a personalized roadmap that will guide you towards a successful and fulfilling career. 

Significant change does not happen alone. It requires commitment, dedication, partnership, and support. 


If you are fully invested in advancing your career, coaching is right for you.

Image by Carl Heyerdahl


Ideal if you are looking for a second opinion on certain plans, need guidance to overcome a challenge, or gain an objective perspective on what you are doing.

During our 30-minute coaching session, I will help you to:

  • Set clear goals and create an action plan to help you move forward and gain momentum.

  • Gain clarity on where your energy and attention needs to be spent.

  • Support you through making key decisions that are best for you and what you want to achieve.

  • Provide you with tactics and resources to overcome challenges.

  • Feel clear, balanced, motivated, and focused on what you need to do to accomplish your goals.


Ideal if you are stuck in your current career path, are planning a career shift, or are looking to accelerate your performance to transition into the next step of your professional life successfully. 

While each career coaching engagement differs from client to client based on their specific career goals and needs, we have two coaching frameworks:  

  • 8 Session Coaching Accelerator  OR

  • 6 Month Performance Excellence Coaching

Each program includes:

  • 60min Private Coaching Sessions

  • Weekly Goals and Action Plan to ensure consistent growth

  • Highly validated DISC + Values Assessments

  • Rich content workbooks, reading materials, and resources to enhance performance

  • Private Google Drive Access to Individual Growth Plan

  • On-going email and text support throughout the program

Schedule a complimentary 20min Discovery Call


Ideal if you are looking to lead, manage, and grow high-performing teams, accelerate your business impact, or prepare yourself for more senior roles.


Through our executive & leadership coaching programs you will: 

  • Improve your executive presence and overall confidence as a leader.

  • Become a more influential leader and successfully drive your leadership agenda.

  • Manage the stress, frustration, and overwhelm that accompany your job to improve your professional and personal life.

  • Authentically manage conflict to maximize your interpersonal relationships.

  • Confidently let go of non-essential responsibilities and delegate to your team to free up your time to focus on leadership activities.

  • Reach your full leadership potential through increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

To achieve your professional goals we offer two coaching frameworks:  

  • 8 Session Coaching Accelerator  OR

  • 6 Month Leadership Excellence Coaching

Schedule a complimentary 20min Discovery Call



Don’t let another year go by and step up to the challenge to lean-in, break-through your glass ceiling and ignite your career to reach your greatest potential!


Image by Jess Bailey

"I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to have worked with Ilhiana! Over the course of our sessions, Ilhiana helped me discover the things that motivate, empower, and energize me. She gave me the tips and tools to explore new career paths and set myself up for success. I highly recommend working with her!”

Lydia F.

If you are in the process of a major career change or are stuck and not sure how to move on, a Career Coach will guide you back to the career path you want.

Schedule a complimentary 20min session, where we can talk about where you are, and how Career Coaching can be right for you.

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