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               Not only has Ilhiana has been instrumental in helping me learn more about who I am, what I’m truly passionate about, and what I bring to the table that is uniquely me, she has also given me the advice and courage to go after my dreams.  My work with her has changed the way I talk about myself and how I present myself in interviews.  I feel like I glow when I talk about what I love and Ilhiana has given me the tools to do that.  I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the help she’s given me and I would recommend her to anyone!"


 Emma D.

            Ilhiana's coaching was a gift from the Universe. I was very lost and wasn't sure what was next for me. As a stay home mom with an over 10 years of a career break, it was terrifying to look back at myself and reflect on my dreams, goals, skills, and talents that I thought were long gone. Ilhiana helped me to reconnect with myself. With my absolute desire of helping and passion for writing. She was nurturing, dedicated and patient during my journey. But most importantly, I think Ilhiana brought me clarity and confidence that not because I had a career break, my life was gone. As she said, it was just a pause. And now it was time for me to reconnect with myself and find my true passion. The journey is far from over but I know I have her to help me, guide me and give me feedback as I go. 


 Michelle V.

         I met Ilhiana while I was going through a major change in my life. I needed to get back to work after taking an 18-year career break. I wasn't sure how to look for work again, what I wanted or even how to get it, and many times I doubted that I would ever get the kind of job I really desired. Ilhiana is an incredibly, natural and talented coach. Her values-centered guidance challenged me to think beyond just the "job search" and focus more on finding a career that would capitalize on my passions and strengths. Ilhiana helped me set attainable and realistic goals and to believe in myself.

Her uplifting, fun and positive personality made it easy for us to have open communication and trust. 

I ended up getting a job offer from the ideal job that Ilhiana help me craft, visualize and put my positive energy towards it. I am grateful for her guidance, support and mostly for her friendship. 


Gabriella S.

             I've found clarity and purpose in my life. I have a successful business but I always knew that there was something missing in my life. In the past, I tried my best to find clarity and purpose in m life. It was not until I found Ilhiana and she completely changed my life. Now I have a new perspective, I feel more relaxed, mentally and physically, and I've grown professionally as I've found a new motivation to explore new things.”


 Carlos F.

             I’m so grateful that Ilhiana has come into my life. I had this idea for a non-profit organization but was having trouble bringing it to fruition. Through her consulting work, she helped me think about my organization in ways I wasn’t thinking about and helped to make my idea more tangible. She also has a great eye for what’s impactful from a marketing perspective on websites, business cards, letterheads, and power point presentations. I have attended some of her workshops and have taken away great tips to help me become more organized in my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Ilhiana. Thank you so much for your continued feedback, coaching, and support.  


 Catherine D.

             Ilhiana is an extraordinary woman. Her personal strength and integrity of character, coupled with her emotional sensitivity and empathy for others allows her to be an equally amazing coach and consultant.”


 Amy H.

          My experience with was invaluable. She helped me not only in my personal development but also in my professional life. Ilhiana was able to show me what was missing in my life and how I could turn things around. Her attitude was perfect for me and above all, she made me feel comfortable. She helped me gain confidence in my work and most importantly, take control over my life. I'm grateful that I found her. 


Adriana D.

             Ilhiana’s workshops had an instant effect on my life. With a few simple exercises, I could immediately see a change in how I spend my time. I felt a shift in my life and had a feeling of motivation toward my goals and a feeling of happiness with the tools she provided to find balance in my life. I took 2 of her workshops and am looking forward to more in the future. I am also considering doing some life coaching as well. Her uplifting spirit is contagious and I feel good about the changes I have implemented. Thanks, Ilhiana you really made an impact on me and my future!


Dori S.

             Ilhiana’s positivity is infectious.  After chatting for only a couple minutes I could feel my own attitude improving.  She has a way of teaching important life lessons while sounding completely natural and helping restore the confidence that life/circumstances may have beaten out of you.  Ilhiana’s insights and guidance are exactly what I needed to get myself back on the track to success both personally and professionally and I look forward to continuing on this journey with her.” 


Denise K.

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